Some more MT upgrade issues

I’ve discovered two new side-effects of the MovableType 3.34 upgrade:
1. The new realtime layer/script which allows you to make the entry fields bigger or smaller by clicking on a button interferes with my ability to post from Blackberry. The text simply disappears from my screen after about six words. This is the larger of the two issues. I can still enter as much text as I want into the field, I just won’t be able to see it.
2. The MTEntryAuthorDisplayName now (rightly or wrongly) uses the user’s display name from their MT profile. Unfortunately, if you leave this blank in your profile, it disappears from all newly-posted or newly-rebuilt entries. It’s not a big problem, since all I had to do was make sure all authors also had their Display Name filled in, and then rebuild the blog.
Now that I’ve isolated these, they’re pretty easy to work around.

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