Helpful suggestions for killing John Connor

Some good ideas for Skynet to brainstorm.
Topless Robot – 10 Helpful Suggestions for Killing John Connor
8) Stop Sending Such Fragile Terminators
In the Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Terminators are about as easy to kill as your average body-builder on PCP — difficult, but hardly impossible. Wow, that’s a heck of a killing machine there, Skynet. In the first Terminator movie, the T-800 could take hundred of rounds of bullets, car crashes, pipe bombs, the explosion of an entire gasoline tanker, and still keep going, eventually needing an industrial-strength machine press to finally take it out. In the Sarah Connor Chronicles, apparently a falling elevator can take one out. Or a few of gunshots to the head. Or popping open it’s head with a screwdriver and taking out the chip after giving the terminator a shock…

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