Unfortunate Domain Names

From 11points.com. Unfortunately, their permalinks aren’t working, so you may never see the article. Fortunately, I put the best ones below:

Officially: SydneyTherapist.com, the website of Tanya Koens, a sex therapist in Sydney, Australia. (No word if she is affiliated with Tobias Funke.)
Unintentionally: SydneyTheRapist.com, home page of a guy named Sydney who just can’t stop telling his stories about rapin’! (No word if he is affiliated with Tucker Max.)
Officially: AmericanScrapMetal.com, “a B2B-based scrap metal recycling expert” in Texas.
Unintentionally: AmericansCrapMetal.com. And we piss awesomeness!

Unintentionally Hilarious Domain Names

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