‘True Blood’ Has No Soul

I have to say, I enjoyed season 2 a little more than season 1, but there was still something missing from the show. A little anchor around which we can base ourselves in this weird world where new physical/magical elements pop up like deus ex machina.

But despite this fascinating world, the problem with True Blood is the characters in it. There’s no real driving emotional force behind the show, and in 23 episodes there has only been one really poignant moment, when a 2,000 year old vampire realized that he’d had enough of life (and death) and surrendered himself to the sun. Aside from that one instance however, amidst all the blood and carnage and sex, there are barely any tangible emotions found in the show outside of “fear” and “uncompromising love.”

Unreality – Why ‘True Blood’ is All Bite and No Soul |

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