16 Most Gloriously Nerdy Musical Acts

Cool list from Topless Robot. Here’s #9:

9) Kraftwork

Germany’s Kraftwork have often been mocked for their cold, mechanical sound (the most notable example being The Big Lebowski’s nihilist band, Autobahn). Yet beyond their carefully constructed image and robotic vocals lies an innate desire for human connection. As heard above, 1981’s “Computer Love” is a commentary on how technology can increase loneliness — something that anyone with hundreds of Facebook friends yet no one to spend a Saturday with can relate to. Creating eerily prescient predictions of the perils of online dating is one thing, but Kraftwork really established themselves as nerd icons with the release of a ditty called “Pocket Calculator.” Guess what it’s about.
Topless Robot – The 16 Most Gloriously Nerdy Musical Acts of All Time

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