Wil Wheaton Talks About Dice

My parents have sold their house, and are moving out in a couple of months. In order to make the move a little easier, my dad has been going through all the junk in the basement, and gathered all of my old stuff, and all of my brother’s into a couple of piles. Now, most of this stuff is really useless to me at this point, and much of it I haven’t even seen for maybe 20 years or more. I’m not sure what to do with it all, short of putting it on Kijiji or giving it to Goodwill.
In one box was a bag of dice, if you can believe it. My dad wanted to make sure I had all my gaming dice from back when I used to play D&D. It was actually my brother’s bag of dice, since he used to keep it in an old Crown Royal bag (as many of us geek gamers did), but I didn’t belabour the point. I brought the bag home anyway, and pooled the dice with my own, which I had to dig out of a closet.
So now I have a large bunch of dice, back from when I was a kid. Don’t know what to do with it. It’s not a very interesting story, so here’s a clip of Wil Wheaton talking about dice.

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