When Netflix Goes Glitchy

I was idly scanning through Netflix last night, and noticed that the same description kept following me through the selections. At first, I was all, “Man, Netflix is really phoning it in with these copy/paste descriptions.” Of course after a few seconds, I realized it was a glitch. There were some programs where it really didn’t apply. I don’t remember the original show that fit the description, and didn’t feel like trying to find it.
Instead, I stopped where I was in the menu and snapped a picture. It made it seem like horribly inappropriate joke:
I suppose if it had been something like Downfall (2004 film), it might have made more sense, and maybe even been a little funny. So I previewed a few more programs and came up with better results.

The Guild is kind of a fun show. And I can see how a fit young fighter could turn into a bloated lothario:
Pingu made for a better candidate:
So did Barney:
And lastly, if there is a Hell, I’ll probably see you all there:

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