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I always like to see how book covers evolve, especially since I like designing them. Nice to be on top of trends when reading new books.

Also, I usually use an e-reader, so the colours don’t pop like they do on print versions.

Notice the tones…black, or off-black, or angry red but not bright red. In particular, notice the fonts. The biggest change I see lately is in the typography.

These older covers have plain fonts, for the most part. A lot of them use Futura or Helvetica (Arial). They’re mostly just stuck on there, with the author name being huge and the rest…meh, an afterthought. The background image was very much an integral part of the message, especially on a cover like Silence of the Lambs (before they put the movie version on).

Last time here at Book Cover 101 Melinda VanLone talked about how romance cover trends are changing. Today, she takes a look at Mystery/Thriller covers.

Source: Book Cover 101: Mystery/Thriller | Writers In The Storm

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