15 Best Author Websites for 2023

I’m in the middle of working on my website this week, and while I was working away on backups, shell scripts, and stylesheets, it got me wondering about the actual content and layout of an author’s website. I’m going to give this author thing a try, so I probably need to know how to do all this stuff. Sure, the nuts and bolts are easy, but what about the stuff that sells an author (or sells an author’s books, more specifically). Here’s a site with some examples of what makes a great author website.

The trick is, while we like to think that we’ll be on Facebook, Amazon, or Kobo, or whatever platform forever, that might not be true. Having a separate website is a good way to be consistent to your readers and fans.

But what does your author website really need to have? If only you had a selection of writers websites to look through to help you decide what features you want to focus on, what first impressions you want your readers to get, and what on earth you’re going to blog about to keep your readers interested.

Source: 15 Best Author Websites for 2023