Publishing Checklist: ARCs

I’m currently running through a checklist of things to do before getting your book published. One of the things on the list (near the end) is to provide and distribute Advance Reader Copies of the book for reviewing and generating hype before the sales begin. As I said, it’s down on the list, and is better at getting the book out to those diehard fans and those who can provide the much needed reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. This should help drive sales, and motivate other readers to look at your book.

Offer perks

A great way to attract a larger cross-section of reviewers is to offer perks in exchange for a review of your book. This is important – as the number of people reviewing your book grows, so does the number of potential readers.At the very least, offer to send reviewers a copy of your book when it is finally published. Some publishers simply offer monetary rewards.Another popular idea is an ARC exchange – volunteer to appraise your reviewer’s next piece of writing. This is an excellent way to develop your own critiquing skills and build a network of reviewers to call on when you finish writing your next book!In case you’ve forgotten your manners, remember to thank your reviewers. Where possible, send a personal thank you and be sure to follow up on your end of the exchange when the time comes.

Source: Ultimate Guide: How Indie Authors Should Use ARCs – Writer’s Edit

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