Defining Virtue

Zack Virtue is unemployed, his boss is dead, and his ex-girlfriend has a crazy scheme to get rich by stealing his boss’s treasure, which may or may not exist. The only things to look forward to are a date with a coffee shop waitress and a community art show.

Coming in 2024

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There’s this place called Silicon Valley of the North. Like its American counterpart, they have world-leading innovation and startups there … but things aren’t quite right. Maybe it’s a little too Canadian. Sleepy country towns, a fascinating history, and a contempt for others hidden by a thick veneer of politeness. Don’t let the small-town vibe fool you.

Weird things happen up there. And, invariably, they happen to Zack Virtue.

Zack Virtue is a 30-something slacker with dreams of making it big as an artist before his money runs out. He’s also suffering from PTSD, having been accidentally deployed to the Middle East.

To make matters worse, his old boss, a billionaire high-tech icon, is murdered, and Zack has plenty of motive, if not motivation. With his ad-hoc team of an ex-girlfriend, a rockstar software developer, and a coffee-shop waitress, Zack tries to clear his name and possibly uncover a secret treasure—a fever-dream of a mad genius. Being harassed by the police is bad enough, but could one of his friends be a murderer?

Yes. Yes they could.


A side profile of a woman in a russet-coloured turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

Like if Fletch sucker punched Travis McGee.”

— Everyman Journal