PROBE: A Phelan and Droz Novel

A kooky space adventure novel, cobbled together from short excerpts from the lives of Phelan and Droz, kooky space adventurers.

Coming in 2025

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Kurt Gerhardt Droz is a competent, well-respected captain in the ECI Exploratory Scouts. He’s been responsible for twelve full system probes, and the strategic acquisition of six of the lost expeditionary fleets of Earth. He tries to do his best for his regional manager, a giant holographic head with a bad comb-over.

But that’s just his day job. Outside of work, Droz is an everyday guy; he puts on his hazard suit one leg at a time, like every other being with legs. He hangs out with his space monster friends, getting drunk in every bar he can find, trying to avoid interplanetary conflicts whenever possible.

Unfortunately, his day job is infringing on his leisure time: Home Office has saddled him with a 7-year-old clone from Historical. Worse still, this clone might just be the key to Earth’s salvation. Too bad he’s a whiny, know-it-all noob who knows more about ancient pop-culture than the hazards of space travel.

PRAISE FOR PROBE: A Phelan and Droz Novel:

A side profile of a woman in a russet-coloured turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

“Ridiculous, but in a good way … sparks the imagination while also igniting the reader’s empathy.”

— Anna Wong

“Like Douglas Adams suckerpunched Travis McGee.”

— Joe Everymann
Source: The Algonquin Penguin