New Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+

The all new (and improved) Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ has been announced, with an amazing promotional video. Be sure...

Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3

Honestly, I don’t think he got them all.  

Cookie Monster Rocks

Your Friday Cookie Monster, folks. YouTube – Cookie Monster Metal

Wishery (Disney Remix)

Remix of Snow White by Pogo (or Fagottron, that unfortunate YouTube account name). YouTube – Wishery (Disney Remix)

Mitchell and Webb – Art

I wish I had an art teacher like this. YouTube – Mitchell and Webb Situation

Cowboys and Aliens

So this is kinda awesome. Came in right under the radar. Topless Robot – The Cowboys and Aliens Trailer Features...

Selling “Psychic” Stones

I’m kicking myself for not getting in on this racket. YouTube – The Real Hustle Undercover – Psychic Stones

Tron Legacy – Official Trailer

This looks pretty awesome. Pretty damn awesome. YouTube – TRON LEGACY – Official Trailer #3

The Christian/Pagan Invasion

Wow, religious people are weird. Christian Nightmares, ‘The Pagan Invasion’: A manipulated Christian…

TED Talks: Michael Shermer on strange beliefs

Michael Shermer talks about skepticism, pareidolia, hidden lyrics in Led Zeppelin songs, and Katie Melua’s cute nerdiness. Michael Shermer on...