Oh brother where art thine Earthships?

Got a chance to see “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” tonight. A good film, even compared to other Coen Bros. films. If you’ve not read “The Odyssey”, then don’t worry too much … I certainly wouldn’t suggest re-reading the book just for this film. Unfortunately, the film has little re-watchability, if such a word exists.
In the film, George Clooney plays a convict who escapes from a Mississippi prison gang so that he can somehow keep his wife from marrying another man. Like “The Odyssey”, he tackles insurmountable odds and comes up against seemingly inhuman barriers.
So, what is it about us humans that makes us hang on to unattainable fantasies? We seem to always be reaching for goals which we know to be far beyond our reach. Or, if not reaching for those goals, we always seem to be regretting the paths we have taken away from those lofty ideals.
Take me for example: I’ve always wanted to go off to New Mexico to build Earthships. Do you see me in New Mexico? No. I’m stuck here doing tech support. I want desperately to be out there building and designing alternative housing, but it’s just not going to happen, and I still can’t get over it. I keep thinking that one day I’ll be in Taos, building cheap and durable housing. It’s not a fantasy I’ll give up anytime soon, either.

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