Leader and the B. A. Barakus Band

Amazing how hectic life can get, eh? Seems like there are never enough hours in the day for sleeping and relaxing. I’m working on about 4+ hours of sleep this past week, mostly because I’m working on so many projects.
The Leader has stopped by and graced me with His presence. He even recorded a couple of Station ID plugs for the Radio Zuckervati site. So it’s officially Leader Approved. We drank some beers and watched some Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on the tube; One Joel and one Mike.
Started swimming at the University. Figured it would be a good, low impact way to get back into some semblance of shape (I promised myself a washboard stomach by the spring).
BTW, listen to Radio Zuckervati for a glimpse of a real up-and-coming group, the B. A. Barakus Band. I’d say these guys were quirky (and I don’t like quirky), but they’re much too funny (they play kazoos, heh).