Relationship breakdown

Internet connection is being flakey again. I’m not very satisfied with my current provider, though I’m not sure where the problem lies. The Tech Support is seriously lacking, so there’s problem number one.
Today I witnessed yet another relationship breakdown. It was a good friend, and it nearly broke my heart to see her in that state. When CP and I broke up, I felt alone, as if I was the only one in the world being hurt. The feeling didn’t last for long though, as I watched a veritable maelstrom of marital breakups and communication breakdowns, and breaking hearts, and relationships being severed.
It’s as if jobs and personal relationships are vying for the instability trophy. Like two fatigued marathon runners, they are stumbling towards the finish line in a desperate attempt to be the most fragile and cumbersome. The first to break the ribbon will fall to the asphalt and shatter into innumerable pieces.

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