Behold the Beard – Ribbed Tofu

Tried out a new colour for my beard. What do you think? Always wondered what it was like to be a redhead (although I’m doubtful that having a red beard makes you a redhead). Not wanting to do the rest of my hair, I decided it was best to shave it all off. It didn’t look right.
"The Schick Xtreme III: Good for shaving heads". There’s some free advertising. I particularly like how the flexible blades adapt to the contours of my scalp.
Also wanted to show off my new LeaderWearez T-shirt. Can’t very well sell quality cult clothing without first trying it out. Now you go buy some. Check out LeaderWearez right now!
But enough about the cult stuff. More importantly, I’ve made a startling discovery! You may think me mad for what I’m about to say, but those narrow-minded fools at the University will soon see!!! Tonight, I made grilled tofu that tastes just like ribs! HUZZAH!!! What’s crazy is that it’s so darned easy to do! It’s all about the sauce and marinade you use. I’ll try over the next couple of days to perfect the recipe and then I’ll make it public.
My only fear is that I’ll be silenced before I can make my findings known. If I disappear before the end of the week, you can be sure the Pork Producers’ Marketing Board is to blame. Please, help spread the word. Don’t let me die in vain!!!!

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