Cheap plastic chairs

Really warm today, and very windy. I was worried that all my cheap, plastic chairs were going to blow right off the balcony. Oh, and I got this very cool little barbecue from the Home Despot. It’s a Broil King 2400 propane unit, with no side burners or fancy attachments — only one grill too. Not too big, not too expensive…. The starter doesn’t work; it’s missing the wire that goes to the burner. I’m not sure what to do — on the one hand, those starters never work for very long … but I did just buy it, and those two extra screws I got barely compensate for the lack of a starter.
Ah barbecued food. There’s nothing like it. A little olive oil, two slices of toasted rye, some garlic powder, a whole mess of Gibbs Mo’ Hotter Bottled Hell, and you’ve got one fine veggie burger. Top it off with a cold bottle of Kawartha Lakes, a sunset and a warm wind — you’ve got magic.

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