Aggressive people vs. werewolves

There’s nothing more frightening than aggressive people. Spiders maybe. Also werewolves, and possibly zombies. Aggressive drivers are probably the worst, but at least you get the sanctuary of your own vehicle — you’re fucked if you’re on a bike or on foot… Face to face confrontations really bother me, and that’s because I’m not good at just walking away from the conflict. I feel like I’m cornered, and can’t get away, so my adrenalin goes way up and my "fight or flight" instinct kicks in. This is probably a good thing if I’m cornered in an alleyway at 3:00am, but most often it happens when talking to aggressive people — friends and workers, and the guy at the checkout, etc. Besides, I’ve never been in an alley at 3:00 am (that I can remember…).
My dad thinks I’ve got a bad temper (he went so far to accuse it of breaking up one my last relationship…). So what do I do about it? I like to think I’m a patient guy, but we all have our limits. I’ll tend to get really quiet and stop talking if the argument gets out of hand. If the conflict doesn’t stop, I’ll just leave. If it persists … well I remember back to when I was a kid … I never got into many fights, but when I did, I tended to kick some serious ass. People really got wide-eyed and usually steered clear of me afterwards….

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