More on Bridget

More on Bridget… so in the movie she falls in love with this really sensitive and funny guy (played by Hugh Grant), but later she finds out that he’s a complete asshole. He tries to play the nice guy again, but who’d believe him, since he did nothing but lie and screw around before — why should we believe him now? I think that’s kind of how I feel about Bridget actually being super-thin Reneé Zellweger: she was nice and realistic, concerned about her weight, and with a neat English accent — but it’s all just some crazy fantasy that we try to separate from the other part of the person: of celebrity gossip and of publicity photos.
I’m sure the movie works better with Hugh Grant, since some of us still remember that thing with Hugh and the hooker in the back of the car… we can see him being a wanker.
Other movies that were problematic because of what happened outside of the context of the film:

  • "Powder" – 1995 – a great movie, but didn’t do well in the theatres because it was hard to separate the director’s indiscretion with a 12-year-old from the relationship between the boy and the sheriff.

  • "Hercules in New York" – 1970 – OK, threw this one in for fun. Did you know they dubbed Schwarzenegger’s voice for this? At the time, you wouldn’t have known unless you heard him in an interview or something…