Pearl Harbor sucked

So, just to give an idea of the scope of its failure as a movie, the first 10 minutes of "Enemy at the Gates" (2001) was better than the whole of "Pearl Harbor" (2001). And it wasn’t received all that well either…. The love triangle was depicted much much better than in "Pearl Harbor", although Roger Ebert makes a great point about it:
“The movie is inspired by true events, we’re told, although I doubt real life involved a love triangle; the film might have been better and leaner if it had told the story of the two soldiers and left out the soppy stuff.”
So, I just happened to pick up this cewl Khaki shirt, and it now seems fitting to wear. In celebration of the Soviet victory in Stalingrad (oh, I didn’t give anything away in the movie), I’m creating some Russian (Leader) propaganda posters.