Oakenfold CD and a latté

Snagged the latest (?) Paul Oakenfold CD set and will be playing it on Winamp for the rest of the evening. Pretty standard fare, with the second CD being more ambient than big beat techno. Ooooh, I sound like an expert, no?
Right. System resources. The scourge of using computers. (sigh) I hate Windows 98. I can’t even view my page right now. Better save while there’s still room.
Whup, caught me drinking my latté. Like this was by accident. I’m down to 75 more lattés to go before my espresso machine has paid for itself. What’s funny here (you can’t see it, but it’s funny to me) is that my computer is so low on memory that I can’t even see this picture, and am relying on my own memory.
By the way, it’s this memory problem which is hampering my ability to get these entries out every day. Sorry for dropping 3 entries all at once.

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