OH MY GOD, I HAVE TV! Well, with this make-shift antenna, I get two whole channels along with more snow than we saw at X-mas. Not too bad though. After an hour of lame Thursday night sitcoms, and another hour of having voices and music in the background, I realized how superficial television was. Not only did it not help my terrible loneliness, it simply made it more pronounced after not having TV for three weeks. I came to the realization that television is just a poor surrogate for having real people around; it’s less effective than sitting alone in a sparsely populated coffee shop.
Speaking of sparsely populated coffee shops, I have to admit that Grabba Jabba, the local downtown coffee shop is one of the better places in which to be alone. For one, it’s quite small, so there’s little echo, even when the place is near empty. Also, the coffee’s fairly serviceable, but I recommend the daily strong blend, because it will have the most coffee-like flavour, and not seem so much like a watered-down English Breakfast tea. Sure it smells like an ashtray, but it at least tastes like coffee. To the fine folks at Grabba Jabba, I’m just kidding. The place really gives me the chance to read in a quiet environment, drink coffee, and be surrounded by people, while being totally alone.
I’m currently reading Douglas Coupland’s Miss Wyoming, a really great book which is sort of a cross between Crying of Lot 49, On the Road, and The Great and Secret Show. It’s a fantastic read, and much more plot-based than Microserfs, but with the same nihilism that both Coupland and Pynchon seem to exude. I can’t wait to finish it.

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