A small but acceptable consolation

Had to do work on a SATURDAY, for crying out loud! We’re getting near the end of the quarter and I’ve still got to finish up some tasks, so this is the only time I can do it. All well and good, but I feel seriously cheated come Monday morning.
Went out to the Jane Bond tonight around 11:00pm but couldn’t even get in the door — it was that busy. So I went over to Williams Coffee Pub instead, opting for coffee instead of beer. I watched for 20 minutes while some server patrolled the restaurant looking for the person who bought the latté. I tried calling to her, waving the little number plaque around, all to no avail. Finally she went back up to the counter and her co-workers pointed in my direction. The latté was cold, but they made fun of her all night long. A small but acceptable consolation.
Hee hee. A friend sent me this link tonight. From the name, I thought it was going to be dirty: