Stupid Hypothetical Scenario #1

What do you do in this situation: There’s someone you hate, and you cannot explain why. All evidence as well as your personal experience with this person suggests that you should like this person, that they’re really very nice, and friendly and you should be friends. They want to be friends with you. Yet something in your being, something deep down makes you hate this person. You can’t stand them. What can you do? Sure, the answer’s easy enough. You refrain from being friends with them. No problem, right?
Now let’s complicate the issue, for the sake of complicating the issue. Say instead, that you are deeply in love with this person. Or maybe you no longer know what love is, and you think you are in love with this person. You don’t know how this person feels about you, but can infer from their attitude and actions that they are more interested in being friends than anything more. What do you do? Again, not too difficult. Unless you are interested in looking like a fool and wearing your emotions on your sleeve, you treat this person as a friend only. You might conceal your true feelings about them (whether you are successful or not is another issue). Or is that far too cautious for you? Is that what keeps you out of any decent relationship?
Take it one step further. Remember that this person may have feelings toward you, but circumstances may forbid them from acting on their feelings. What do you do if you, yourself, do not believe that anything should come of this (possibly) mutual longing, this chemistry. What do you do if you have strong feelings for this person, yet you feel that the two of you should only be friends? You have no knowledge of the person’s true feelings, or if they would even act on them. And you aren’t even sure your own feelings are genuine.
Should more investigation be necessary? Should you simply ignore the issue, hoping that it will either go away, or resolve itself? Should you act rashly, and attempt to go after something that may not even be there?

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