Under the Furious

Visited my mom today, and gave her some birthday presents. I also introduced her to catnip tea, although it did take some arm-twisting to do it… Made the mistake of bringing her some port wine as a present, since she’s on a strict anti-tannins diet (??). I think it’s that the tannins are interfering with her medications, so she’s off tea, wine, etc.
Once that was finished, I hung out with the Leader — we went to Under the Volcano for some Mexican food, and then checked out "The Fast and the Furious". Pretty neat movie, a real draw for car enthusiasts. It was neat when all the Honda Civics got destroyed, but we all shed a silent tear when the Jetta got shot up. One thing though: It was very difficult to obey local speed limits after the film, and I found myself revving the engine at red lights, trying to provoke the other drivers.

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