Skateboarding Goth

If I don’t shower soon, I’m gonna scream. It’s so hot in this room right now, that I feel like I’m being simmered in a stew. Just got back from doing some thrashing — it’s my first time being on a skateboard in almost 15 years, and I think I pulled something. Thought I’d give it a try and see what everyone is going on about. My cousin is a snowboard instructor out in B.C., and we talked for a while at the family reunion last week. I thought it would be cewl to do a little boarding during the holidays, maybe going out west to visit. We had discussed the relative merits of skateboarding as a way of staying in shape during the off season, and I thought it might be good practice for me. I guess, since I always looked like a skater, it wasn’t much of a stretch.
I’m not sure how I would define my look. Kinda "skater-kid" meets "biker dude" meets "fringe goth" meets "sysadmin punk." Yes, I said goth. I may not paint up my face and brood over Bauhaus CDs, but I am a card-carrying member of I’ve been mistaken for one enough times to qualify as a goth…