Bunker: Day 9

Day Nine. One more day until VACATION time is upon us. HUZZAH! Wonder what I’m going to do? I’m in the middle of a meeting today, and someone says, "don’t forget to stay home next week — you’re on vacation." I almost forgot about it. I’ve even got a tent set up here (like this place isn’t small as it is). How do you forget a vacation when you’ve got a friggin tent set up?
With all that’s going on outside, the internet connection’s been up and down all week. There’s that horrible plague of Nimda (formerly Code Blue) worms, not to mention all the civil unrest, and financial uncertainty. I’ve heard that even the new Spiderman movie was pulled for reshooting (the trailer had him catching a helicopter in a web strung between the two Trade Center towers), and so was that new Schwarzenegger flick (Predator 3?).

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