The Elusive Converse All-Stars

Well, I missed my turnoff to go to Cambridge, so I ended up going to Hamilton to search for the elusive Converse All-Stars. Note: I like to drive, so this wasn’t as obsessive as it now seems. What kind of city is Hamilton anyway? What, did they think bi-directional streets were some kind of taboo? I got onto Main St, and was swept along at about 80km in six lanes of traffic. This makes me wonder about what kind of public works and city planning meetings (if any) take place over there…
"I think we can fit one more lane in that street. Let’s just change the lane markers, and we can increase the number of cars by 15%."
"I don’t like your thinking. It is my belief that we can fit in two more lanes."
In any case, I was able to track down a store which had one pair of All-Stars left. It wasn’t my first pick in colour, but since they seemed to be the only place on the continent which still sold them, I figured I’d better pick up a pair. They also agreed to order a pair of those cewl black monochrome hi-tops in my size. If I can remember the name of the place, I’ll post it.

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