Bunker: Day 12

Day 12. I was planning on leaving the bunker to tough it out in the woods for a couple of days, and spent the better part of today trying to get a key cut for the 3" steel security door (got a friend coming in to water the plants). No one was able to cut the key properly (also something about it being difficult to re-program the retina scanner and the palm analyzer). I think it should be illegal to cut a key without proper training. This guy cuts me a key and says, "if it doesn’t work, bring it back and we’ll re-cut it." Sure sounded like a deal. I drove all the way back home, and the damn thing didn’t even fit in the lock, since it wasn’t even the right blank. I know, I know. My fault for not even looking at it beforehand. That’s why they put it in that little envelope and staple it shut — added security against irate customers.

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