Finally on my way back home

Finally on my way back home. I feel strangely like I didn’t accomplish anything I set out to do on this trip: I wanted to call my friends, but didn’t; I wanted to do some swimming in the ocean, but couldn’t; I wanted to have someone there with me, but was unable; I wanted to relax in a chez-lounge in some sunny resort bar, but was trapped most of the time with my parents.
My brother and his girlfriend offered some, but not much relief from the stress caused by my mother. They had their own plans and their own loyalties, and, understandably, wanted to be alone sometimes.
So how would I rate this trip? All in all, I’m not much more relaxed than when I left, and I have the added headache of getting home, making sure everything is still in its place, dealing with the cats, etc… I’ll need to take a "real" vacation sometime in the near future.
Glad to be leaving. Sure it’s nice and kind of warm, but all we did was eat, go shopping and watch TV.

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