Grabba Jabba

I’m in Grabba Jabba, the local coffee house that’s not Starbucks. Drinking an Afternoon Blend with cream and sugar — what most people in Ontario call a "Regular." Going to do some more work on this music piece that’s been bothering me for about a week. I feel like I’m losing my interest in art — this sometimes happens when I get other things going, or I get too stressed; since I’m not too stressed right now, it must be that I’m trying to do too many things at once, and losing interest in them.
I’m also losing focus: it seems that so many things are happening, and I just can’t keep up. It’s gotten to the point where it’s quite humourous. I find myself in the middle of a six-way conversation, and I just start laughing at the whole situation.
Of course, then I get these weird looks, and people ask me what’s so funny. I usually make up some kind of joke I once heard on Comedy Network, and it passes without further investigation.
Probably going to check out a club tonight, since it’s getting boring at home. The cats are trying to fatten up for the winter (while I’m trying to slim down), and they are getting lethargic. I find it strange when cats watch TV, especially when nothing interesting is on. What kind of TV show could hold a cat’s interest for any length of time? The answer seems to be whatever’s playing on Turner. I hate the channel, but the cats seem to enjoy the "Edited for Content," "Time Expanded," and "Formatted to Fit Your Screen" shows that populate the late-night line-up.

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