Dirty Things at Second Cup

I’m sitting in the Second Cup on University and Philip. It’s nice and quiet — most of the patrons are either engaged in quiet personal conversations, or they’re busy studying for finals. I’m here, ticking away at the laptop, and listening to music from the Charlie Brown Christmas special. At least it’s different from the easier-listening stuff that was on a minute ago.
I like being in quiet, yet crowded places. It helps me think, and doesn’t distract me too much, but I don’t feel like I’m alone. I get to listen in on other people’s discussions, and can think about what they do after they leave. I get to imagine what their lives are like, and what they might do in certain situations.
Sometimes I imagine dirty things (I bet you’ve been thinking that), but mostly I imagine people doing mundane things, such as what they’d be eating for dinner, what television shows they watch, how they might clean their homes. I wonder what they’d be like if I were to get to know them. It’s neat: I can do all this without actually having to get to know them.

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