Williams Coffee Pub

I’m sitting in Williams Coffee Pub on Fairview Road, drinking coffee. It’s not very strong, or good, and the cream has maybe only one or two more days before it turns.
I’m listening to DJ Lithium Presents – State of the Union.mp3. I got it off of the DIGITALLY IMPORTED site. This guy(?) does some pretty good work. I’ve been trying to find more of his(?) stuff.
I heard today that KPMG says it’s illegal to link to their site, so like a good space cadet, I won’t offer links to their site on my page, and I surely won’t link to the cewl KPMG theme music. Let this be a reminder to all those who would foolishly do something like this. Read KPMG’s legal disclaimer before trying anything, and if you’re not sure, get your parents to help you.
You know what else I won’t do? I definitely will never put the KPMG theme song into the Zuckervati Radio rotation. So you’ll never ever hear that song playing.
Tried to get into the gym tonight, but the parking lot was full, apparently Thursdays are when all the people pretending to get fit head out to the gym to be seen. I’ll have to try back later when it’s not so crowded.

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