Ovo-lacto and QMS Printers

I’m at home. I’m enjoying my solitude. Just finished up with a couple of friends and am now trying to get this MP3 writer plug-in to work with Winamp. As it stands right now, the best I can do is write 56k MP3s. If I want any better, I’ll have to find/purchase the Fraunhoffer codec. Maybe I can find one on one of the warez sites…
Went to visit my parents today, and it was actually quite pleasant; my mom was very nice and didn’t go on about anything in particular. She even went as far as preparing a vegetarian meal for me (ovo-lacto, of course — at least I eat eggs, otherwise she’d never know what to do).
A note about the QMS printers… you know, the ones that look like HPIII printers. Apparently the HPIII drivers work better than the QMS ones; that’s assuming you can find any QMS drivers.

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