Cottage Cheese and Pumpkin Seeds

Got up early this morning and went to the gym. No one noticed my St. Patrick’s day beard. Got completely tired out and came home. Yea, that’s how exciting the gym is. There was this MTV “Real World” type show on, but I drowned it out with some techno tunes. I just finished up a good helping of cottage cheese, and I’m heading out to drink coffee and read the newspaper.
Think I’ll see “Resident Evil” today as a matinee. It looks both good and bad — I mean really cool, and really terrible all at once. Ebert gave it one star. But I really like these cheesy horror flicks, and you don’t get more cheesy than one which is based on a computer game. I can’t wait until “Ghosts and Goblins: The Movie” comes out. Heh. Now all I need is some pumpkin seeds for a snack. $1.79 for seeds is better than $5.00 for popcorn.

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