Steve Dotto

Steve Dotto is a tool. A Micro$oft whore. His appearance in a recent Windows XP advertisement only furthers this statement. Discuss.

5 Responses to “Steve Dotto

  • Hoosier37
    22 years ago

    Steve Dotto must die. He’s almost bad as that punk bastard, Dave Chalk!

  • Private Club
    22 years ago

    It was all headed downhill before Nike branded Burroughs. Tommy Hilfiger doesn’t wear shirts with your name on it, so scroo ’em! Besides he’s probably a breeder.

  • Someone
    21 years ago

    this makes me sick

  • troy schlaht
    21 years ago

    steve dotto his show hsa helped me out so much
    with answers that i would not have knowen and i learn a lot from his show and he gudies everyone
    includeing my slef and i use some of his idea’s and they work he keeps me upto date with out him i will just half to learn on my own and ask for my answers some where else.

  • Johnny Five
    21 years ago

    Steve Dotto just so happens to be my best friend. We used to burn couches and throw large home appliances off the top story of parking garages while in high school.
    One time, he mooned a police boat at the jersey shore. You could totally see his taint!
    He used to chase me around supermarkets while holding a large sausage by his crotch while shouting “touch it, touch it!”
    I only have good things to say about Steve Dotto.