Viva Cuba!

HUZZAH! I’ve returned!
So many stories to tell… so many new friends… I don’t know where to start! For now, I’ll leave these two images, and I’ll get the rest uploaded when I can. For now, try to fill your minds with tropical resorts, steam engines, catamaran voyages, iguana islands, rainforest tours, sugar cane plantations, 1950s American cars, Soviet military trucks, and wacky tourists.
Of course, there were bucketfulls (bucketsfull?) of beer. Cristal is something like the national brand of beer in Cuba, and it’s available everywhere for US$1.50. Although Cristal is not likely to win any kind of international awards, when you’re out in the sun all day, there’s nothing that beats it.
Remember this one thing when travelling in foreign countries. No matter how hot it gets, always look cool.

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