New shirt – Nice night

Ah, it’s so nice out tonight. Just want to sit on my balcony and look up at the starry sky, listening to the sounds of the country night. Since I’m in the city though, there aren’t too many stars to see, and the late night traffic is drowning out most any other sounds, even the music coming from inside the computer room. At least it’s warm out. Warm enough to finally get my winter tires put away (I know it’s a little late), and start thinking about what to do with the plants on the balcony. The cedars are looking like they’re almost dead, but they did make it through the winter. Going to get some more herbs out there, and some bushy plants to keep the prying eyes of my neighbours away. That way I can walk around naked if I want. Not "when", just "if".
Got this shirt at Winners the other day. Interesting story. I was feeling like a punk (derogatory sense of the word), and decided to get some nice clothes, so I’d feel more professional at work. So I’m still not sure what happened there. But dig this rad new shirt. I mean, who wouldn’t buy a shirt with a skull on it?

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