Easy Breezy Balcony

Taking it easy tonight. I was going to go for a long bike ride, and then stop by the gym to do a little working out, but I was on late shift at work, and by the time I got home, I was pooched. Decided to just kick back, grill up a couple of veggie dogs, and just relax on the balcony. So I’m out here right now, thanks to an extra long RJ-45 cable, typing away on the laptop. It’s nice out, but getting kind of chilly, and I’m having to put up with some loud evening traffic. Seems like every third person on Krug St. owns a Harley, and wants to drive it tonight. That’s the big drawback to living on a busy street, I suppose, but I still love it here.
Drinking a Muskoka Cream Ale, listening to “Ideas” on CBC, and waiting for my batteries to run out (both on my laptop and in myself).
The Missing Links page is going well — there’s still some fine tuning to go, but it’s starting to look pretty schway. It takes a lot to make a Movable Type page look as goofy as my website, but I’m beginning to get the hang of it. I’m especially proud of the crazy little category icons. With any luck, there’ll be some decent articles there. I’m posting the occasional link from the CSICOP mailing list, along with any kooky thing I find on the ‘net. The next step is to get some other, trusted individuals to post links as well….

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