Death Valley’s Little Brother

A new whisky/espresso bar in Waterloo is opening up, just at King and Bridgeport. Sounds like a refreshing new idea...

Alan Richman’s Rules for Wine Tasting

Image via Wikipedia Rule Number One: Try Not To Be An Asshole. Really. Our correspondent tastes wine in Burgundy and...

My Mai Tai

A Trader Vic mai tai, straight from the book. Remember, the only fruit juice in a mai tai should be...

New Bitters

Well, now no one can say I don’t have black walnut and celery bitters.

Homemade Lemonade

Nothing like this on a hot Sunday afternoon. Just add Pimm’s.

Thursday Night Drinks

A Black Velvet, or Black Velveteen if you want to get technical. Half Guinness, half Strongbow. I love that the...

Guinness Friday

I’m here. Two pints for $10.

Saturday Night Cocktails

Avatar was sold out again. So a bunch of friends came by for drinks.

Friday Night

Enjoying a nice sazerac cocktail. And some dinner.

Savoy Guide A-Z: X.Y.Z. Cocktail

Savoy Guide A-Z: X.Y.Z. Cocktail – Uploaded by Zuckervati. – 1/4 lemon juice – 1/4 Cointreau – 1/2 Bacardi rum...