Lightning fast webserver

Whew. Website is back online thanks to the spare P-200 in my “server room.” The big thunderstorm on tuesday knocked out power, and fried my server. This prompted me to start shopping for a decent UPS to replace the empty space on my server shelf. Not that I was expecting the old P-90 to last forever, or anything. In fact, I’m pleasantly surprised to find that it lasted as long as it did.
Anyhow, it’s back up and publishing to the web again — not like there was much of an audience or anything. I’m sure there aren’t that many people who are interested in my life, or anything I post online…. Now all I have to do is scavenge the old machine for any useful parts. I think I’ve got a Mach64 and a 3c595x, and probably a few old SIMMs…
Quiet night tonight, and a little cool. Think it might rain later on.