Neverwinter Down

Keen! “Watership Down” is on Space. I loved that book, and the film is just terrific. I especially love the way they translated the myth and legend of the rabbits’ origin. Even better are the stuffy British voices for all the rabbits. Heh heh.
It’s gotten nice and cool outside, but it’s still pretty stuffy in here. I’m thinking of turning on the big fan, and blowing all the hot air outside.
Picked up this nifty game the other day. Neverwinter Nights — it’s a D & D game, similar to Diablo, but with all the same gameplay from the 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve really been getting into it, mainly because of the extendibility of it. You can play multi-player over the internet and even create your own world. I haven’t tried the multi-player, but it looks like this could be the engine I’m looking for — for my online community.

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