The kid from Robocop 2

The kid from Robocop 2. Yeah, I think I figured it out. It’s the kid from “Robocop 2.” Actually, both the kid and the drug-dealer guy. My friend challenged me to find any “Hollywood” film which has a villain who is ultimately evil, with no redeeming qualities, and nothing to “explain” their dark side. No tortured soul, no problems at home, no painful childhood, no substance abuse. Hmmm. That would eliminate the drug-dealer guy, since he was hopelessly addicted to “Nuke” when he was turned into Robocop 2. But the kid, he was ultimately evil, with no excuses for his villainy. Even in his death scene, he doesn’t apologize for any of his actions. He simply comments on how dying sucks.
Even Darth Vader, reputed to be the greatest film villain of all time, had to be justified in “Jedi”.

One Response to “The kid from Robocop 2

  • clvrmnky
    22 years ago

    How about the bad boyfriend dude in Something Wild ( He was motivated by blind jealousy but, as far as I can remember, he was just a bad-ass for no explained reason.
    His character was more of a “force” that the protagonist has to overcome (or survive), but he is a main character nonetheless.