I don’t want to work anymore.

Having a serious problem focusing on anything today. I keep getting this weird Tiesto song in my head (from the In Search of Sunrise CD), and my mind keeps drifting away from my work. It’s such a nice day today, and I don’t want to work anymore. Not just “anymore today”, but not “anymore.”
I’m listening to an associate of mine in the next workstation trying to deal with a customer. I know how difficult this particular guy is, because I was just on the phone with him, and he’s speaking a weird dialect of Nonsense, and he’s got a weird accent. The poor guy’s confused and he’s mixing up his terms — more than once, I’ve asked him to start over and help me. I’m still not sure what he wanted when I was speaking to him, but he seemed satisfied with the generic response I gave him, so I’m not asking any more questions. I hope my cube-mate is doing better than I did….
Weather’s been pretty hot lately. Glad I bought an air conditioner…

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