Good mood, good weather, good cycling

I’m in a pretty good mood this morning, despite being tired (the tired aspect is understandable – I’m always staying up late). Played some Neverwinter Nights last night. I’m part way through chapter 3, and starting to realize just how wimpy my little sorcerer is. Glad I’ve got some hired fodder to use as a human shield. I’m beginning to see the obsession some people have with these games, these MUDs. I’m especially beginning to see the interest people have in these massively multiplayer online RPGs (MMORPG) like Everquest and Ultima Online. I actually applied to be a beta tester for StarWars Galaxies, but they limited the beta to, like, 150 people. These were the uber-geeks who posted on the news groups, and bragged about their 2GHz P4s with 128Mb GeForce4 Ti video cards.
Still, I blame the great weather for my mood. I went out cycling twice this weekend, and am probably going out tonight, after work. Until the weather changes, I’m going to be biking as much as I can to get some good exercise in, and learn more about this crazy KW place I live in. So much of this city is hidden from cars, and only really interesting when you slow down to a walking pace. I drive too much, I think.