Painting Surplus Camping Boots

Nice day today – sunny, but a little cool. Hopefully this means there will be few flying insects up in Algonquin. I think end-of-summer camping is the best, so much better than when it’s dangerously hot out.
Yup, going camping again, this time, doing a serious 5-day stint up in Lake Opeongo. Apparently the lake’s big enough, they can get bad weather alerts for canoeists. Going to find an empty campsite somewhere along the north shore of the lake and set up camp. Maybe even get the one on the little island. I bet everyone heads for that site. Hopefully, by going a week before Labour Day instead of the Labour Day weekend, I’ll miss most of the crowds up in cottage country. Somehow, I doubt it.
Picked up some nice hiking boots for the occasion and a backpack. Up until now, I’ve had to settle for combat boots and that crappy aluminum-frame backpack from when I was at Surplus. Glad to be getting some decent gear nowadays. Of course, it’s not about what kind of gear you buy, but what you do with the equipment you’ve got. I will point out that even Kerouac expressed envy at the good equipment his friends had when they went camping (especially the boots).
Got to do some painting earlier this week. Yay for me. I’d paint all day if I had unlimited boards and canvasses.