Morning Musing

Up bright and early this morning. Drinking a cup of coffee and poking at my laptop. I’m very centralized this morning — the coffee tastes good, but after each sip, I forget about the flavour and it leaves me with nothing. The sun is starting to shine in the east window, and it’s hitting me right in the eyes, so I cower behind my laptop screen. Athena’s with me on the couch, all content with her licking. She seems annoyed when I touch her, but only briefly. She’s a big suck. After a few nice words from me, she gives me the blinking eye-thing that cats do when they’re in love.

Another sip of coffee, and another momentary burst of flavour. At its worst, it’s like drinking cream out of an ashtray. At its best, it’s like some kind of smokey, earthy, primal life-giving force. Heh. I’m drinking out of my London Psychiatric Institute mug. Yup. It’s a mug with a picture of the LPH on the front, with a big Canadian flag in the background sky. I’d never sell this mug for anything.

Was thinking about putting webcam pics back on the main site, something I haven’t done in a while — since it got boring for me. I have kind of been slacking of doing a lot of website stuff, including getting some of my travel picks online. Of course the blog thing hasn’t been exactly a daily thing either. That’s got to change. I really started this thing as an exercise in both writing and sanity. But, like most things in my life, I keep falling off the wagon when they become boring to me. I have to get back to the gym, have to take more art photos, paint some more, and get to those coffee shops and be seen. I can’t influence culture if I just sit here (well, technically I can, but it’s going to be pretty difficult, unless I can get more hits on my website).

The culture thing is all about getting my image out there. I think that’s some good motivation for putting up more pics of me. I can also get some more KW pics as well, and make myself more relevant to those in the local area with web access. Who knows, I still may be that local celebrity after some hard work.
Time to shower and get to work.

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