Moody Moods

Big snowstorm today. Made driving really bad for my car (sans snow tires). I’ll have to get them put on sometime this weekend.
Did the arty thing, and spent last night chillin’ at the Moody Blues Café (or the “Café Café”, since the sign on the front of the house says as much). Great place. It’s the main floor of this house on Regina St. that sells books, coffee, cakes, and a huge assortment of teas. The tea is scattered about on the main table, each blend in a different, unmarked container. The owner is best described as a little hepcat German lady, who’s always wearing a beret. She often talks quietly about crazy things she used to do in far away lands, and about living in “the commune” with a bunch of interesting people. It’s a mostly University crowd there, and once or twice, I thought I was trapped in a dream, much like in “Waking Life“. Sometimes people get there and are compelled to talk like pseudo-intellectual students. Myself included. Sometimes you can’t help it.