Leisurely Saturday

Spent the better part of this afternoon drinking coffee and people-watching in Café 1842 on King St. Drank a couple of double espressos and read up on a few local events in Echo magazine.
Would have liked to see a little WiFi access point in this café, since it’s times like this that I want to write in a journal or something, maybe browse the web or chat with friends (those who know me understand my affinity with IM chat sessions /irony).
One thing about ‘1842 is that with its exposed brick walls, cozy atmosphere, comfortable seating, and close proximity to the Barley Works pub, Princess Cinema, and Jane Bond restaurant — it’s a much more desirable place to be than the gelato place down the street. I really like the gelato café (and the nice people who work there), but the seats are uncomfortable, the tables are too high, and the seating area is in a high-traffic spot. Little things contribute to a somewhat uncomfortable experience for me.

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